About Us

We link arms like God’s Children

Sister-Hood Africa/Global is a Godly women’s Prayers and support forum. A forum where women share their diverse issues, challenges…. Sisters give Godly faith based counsel, comfort, love, pray, fast and lift each other. 

It’s a house of Testimonies and solutions. Women pray…God answers. We see mind bugging Testimonies every second. Truly is there anything too hard for God. 

Let's learn from one another and uplift one another.

Sisterhood-africa was founded to answer the cry of African sisters based all over the world. There are so many issues women go through, but the issues in Africa do have a unique twist and flavor to them. 
This group is open to women of all races within Africa and outside Africa. Let’s learn from one another and uplift one another.  It is for any woman who has lost her identity and sense of self. Jesus is calling out to you. He will heal you and comfort you. He will change your story for the better. 
Welcome to a Christian Sisterhood that will point you to Christ and shape you into the powerful and beautiful woman He created you to be.Welcome to a place where God’s daughters reside and where He meets with us as we humble themselves and learn from each other in love. We believe firmly in equipping single and married women for marriage. We also believe in catering to the divorced and widowed and their various needs.


SisterHood-Africa/Global is a Godly safe zone open to women of all races. Here, we believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and everything we do must glorify Him.

We will counsel you based on The Word of God. We will love you and not condemn you. It is a place where every issue women go through is discussed. It is a place for upliftment and encouragement. It is a place to get closer to Christ and nurture a relationship with Him. It is a place where we build each other up so we are strengthened to go out into the world and face our battles confidently.


  • If you wish to remain anonymous, inbox questions/Prayers to: nonnier@sisterhoodafrica.org .
  • If you have a testimony ,we want to know. Send us a mail : testimonies@sisterhoodafrica.org.
  • We will pray for you and respond to your request. No question is stupid. Let us know what is on your heart and what troubles you.
  • If you are not shy, write a post and submit for approval. We will answer you with the love of Christ. No one can teach a woman to be a woman, but a woman.
  • This group is established to build you up and keep you grounded in The Word of God. There will also be posts from the leadership spanning various topics designed to lead you into maintaining an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.